Be surprised by the possibilities:

The Fit Guide!

We are proud to present you the Fit Guide! The new standard for every squat/power rack.

- The Fit Guide is an exclusive product that gives your gym added value.

-The Fit Guide offers guidance to your customers, without the need for (extra) staff.

-The Fit Guide has the ability to adapt to your own style, so that it looks even better in your gym.
-The Fit Guide increases your customer satisfaction and helps to reduce deregistration thanks to, for example, injury prevention.
-Sustainability: the Fit Guide is made from recycled material and we print everything on recycled paper.

-Your athlete, however, trains in a more sustainable and injury-free manner by adopting the correct posture. 

Foot positions

Always use the correct foot position and choose from 3 different foot positions! It is carefully explained, for each exercise, which foot position you can use best.


We have come to the ideal foot position through anthropometric research, combined with a 6 month test period.


the right knee direction


Your knee always points in the direction of the dotted line. This means that your knees point to wherever your toes point. Never let your knees pass the dotted line.


Correct posture

By taking a good look at the illustration and scanning the QR code, you'll probably have the correct body posture. The QR links the athletes to the 'Use' heading. Here they are instructed thanks to photos, videos and explanations.  



"This product certainly ensures better execution of exercises" 

"Easy to use and maintain"  


Dirk Jan Veenhuis

Fysiotherapeut/Master Manueel Therapeut




The Fit Guide has an extra layer on top, that is UV-resistant, hard-wearing and anti-slip.


easy clean


The Fit Guide is very easy to keep clean. 




The Fit Guide is made from recycled material. We also print all our company articles and promotional material on recycled paper.




Move easily and safely. Does not break, wear or tear.


12 months


We offer quality, which is why you always get a 12-month warranty on your own Fit Guide.


Click on the button to open the article about the Fit Guide, in the most recent edition of the BodyLIFE Benelux magazine, the information platform for the fitness industry. (Dutch)

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