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With over 3.4 million fitness practitioners in the Netherlands, there are more than 540,000 injuries per year. A number that only increases over the years. This can be seen in a comparison of 2006 to 2014. In 2006, 1.1 injuries were sustained per 1000 hours of fitness. This increased to no less than 1.8 injuries per 1000 hours of fitness in 2014.  


The top 3 most common fitness injuries are:


1. Torso injuries (18% = 97,200 torso injuries) 

2. Shoulder injuries (17% = 91,800 shoulder injuries) 

3. Knee injuries (16% = 86,400 knee injuries)


In addition, it was investigated that 43% of the injuries were gradually obtained by overloading while repeating (wrong) movements. This is especially true for shoulder and knee injuries, which can be linked to the well-known compound exercises that are regularly performed incorrectly. Torso injuries are more often caused by a sudden (wrong) movement. 


Bear in mind that on average, 11% of the total number of deregistrations come from people with injuries. 


The Fit Guide formula was born from these figures: 

Limit injuries + invest in customer satisfaction = fewer unsubscriptions = save money!   



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"The Fit Guide focuses, among other things, on preventing injuries to fitness practitioners, by having them train more safely, more sustainably and more effectively." 


"The Fit Guide relieves your employees so that they can be more productive in guiding your other athletes, holding intake discussions, working on training plans, cleaning and other tasks." 


"The Fit Guide is an investment in injury prevention and customer satisfaction, and contributes to reducing deregistration."